Goose in the Pond

©2015 Ruth B. McDowell

A pair of Brown Chinese Geese with some sections of the traditional Goose-in-the-Pond block. I had most of the quilt fabric pieces for the geese and the backgrounds cut out and pinned in place for auditioning decisions. One more rummage through all the fabrics on my shelves unearthed the circle fabric used in the outer border, a fortuitous event! Colorful, to say the least. There are dozens of traditional Quilt Block designs, mostly geometric, and mostly with squares, rectangles, and right triangles. They were ususally repeated edge-to-edge, or with sashing strips, in simple dark/light color schemes to make bed quilts. Nine-Patch, Variable Star, Burgoyne Surrounded, Monkey Wrench, Goose-in-the-Pond and so forth.

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