Unusual Block Shapes: Equilateral Triangle
Teach symmetrical sets, random sets and border designs.
• Campanula, p. 15
• Campanula, p. 18
• Morning Glory, p. 77

Unusual Block Shapes: Pentagon
Teach symmetrical sets and random sets.
Also see
Piecing, pages 104-105.
• Morning Glory, p. 81

Unusual Block Shapes: Hexagon
Teach symmetrical sets and random sets, or combine with equilateral triangles.
• Columbine, p. 27
• Daylily, p. 50

Related Blocks
Sets of blocks designed with some seams in common relate visually.
Simplification of the flower blocks produces a background/leaf block.
• Cosmos, pages 31, 33, 35

Common seams allow for an underlying background color scheme
• Columbine, p. 23
• Morning Glory, p.73 (Coloring possible, but not illustrated )

Blocks with Connecting Elements
Show how, by drawing two blocks at once, you can plan a block with connecting elements. Also see
Art & Inspirations: Ruth B. McDowell, p.62
• Daylily, p. 43

Unusual Sets
Combining pieced blocks with rectangular background pieces to produce a looser design. Can be applied to other blocks as well. Also see
Piecing, p. 110
• Hollyhock, p. 57
• Iris, p. 66

Unusual Sets Master Class
Any of the block sets can be used in this way to develop an overall design, which eliminates the block edges to produce a drawing in which each piece is used only once. Can also be developed with curved seam piecing, Complicated freezer paper piecing.
Also see
Piecing, p. 111
• Hollyhock, p. 11