Workshop Descriptions

Ruth’s specialty is the designing of pieced quilts. By integrating the background and foreground in the construction process, piecing, rather than appliqué, gives integrity to the quilt surface that is unavailable by other means.

Ruth’s workshops are process-oriented, rather than product-oriented. This helps the quiltmaker pull new designs from within herself, and provides her with new ideas to stimulate her own creativity. All workshops emphasize students’ design and creation of their own original work. Each workshop day lasts between five and six hours.

As multiple-day workshops, students begin to work with fabric, and depending on the length of the workshop, begin to produce a quilt or wall hanging of their own design. In addition to the supplies required for a one-day workshop, multiple-day workshops will require sewing supplies and machines, fabric, wall space, etc. Detailed supply lists for multiple-day workshops, for both students and organizers, can be viewed by clicking on the workshop names below.

Adequate table and working space is a must, especially for multiple-day workshops. Organizers, please keep this in mind when planning the location of the workshop.

In 2012 Ruth will be retiring from teaching.

Many fine local teachers have begun to offer classes in Ruth's
methods, teaching out of her books.

Designing From Nature

We begin the class with an introduction to the methods and techniques I have found successful in my quilts. Then, using the images the students bring, we will discuss the translation of images from nature into pieced quilts. Each student will begin their own pieced design, using subjects and seaming techniques attractive to them. Individual time with each student will help them find options and solutions. Some students will work on developing a design within a repeated block format; others may choose to work from a full size freehand drawing.

Level of Skill: Advanced

Suggested text:
1. Ruth B. McDowell's Piecing Workshop, C&T Publishing, 2007
2. Ruth B. McDowell's Design Workshop, C&T Publishing, Fall 2007
*(A Fabric Journey, C&T 2005, will also be helpful for a look at piecing/fabric/border decisions)

Click here for the required supply list for "Designing From Nature."

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